The Road Family Ministry
a ministry of the church of Christ on McDermott Road


Frequently Asked Questions


What is TRFM?
The Road Family Ministry: a ministry of The church of Christ on McDermott Road. (

Who is The Road Family Ministry for?
TRFM is for families with children and students birth through 12th grade.

Where are you located?
Our address is 3600 McDermott Road, Plano, TX 75025

What is the Leadership Structure?
We are guided by the leadership of the Elders at the church of Christ on McDermott Road. TRFM team is composed of Matt Mead (Family Life Minister), Barrett Bingham (High School Minister), Kyle Beard (Middle School Minister), Mikie Kindsfather (Children’s Education Coordinator - elementary) and Rosalyn Miller (Children’s Education Coordinator - early childhood).

Is payment assistance available?                                    
If your child is in need of assistance in paying for an event, please contact Matt Mead.

What is your technology policy?
Students are not allowed to use cell phones, tablets, etc. on certain overnight events. TRFM team reserves the right to collect any and all technology if deemed necessary.

What is your dress code?
Appropriate clothing is required for all events. Inappropriate clothing is, but is not limited to: “Nike style” shorts, short skirts/dresses, bro tanks, spaghetti strap tanks, items with references to drugs or foul language, etc. If you are not sure if an item of clothing is appropriate, please ask.



Are there any check in security procedures for children classes?
All Pre K - 5th grade children go through a check in procedure where each child is given a unique identification tag with a specific code that parents use to pick up their child.



How much does it cost?
The conference is $5 per person for lunch. Lodging is not provided.

Is this event only for ministers?
No. Anyone is welcome who is interested in learning more about how to better reach children and students.



Can child/student bring a friend?
Yes they can! Anyone is welcome to attend class and events/activities that are located on or off campus. If they are bringing a friend on a trip, the friend must meet all the registration requirements to attend.

What are the guidelines on sleeping arrangements?
On all overnight trips, girls and guys will always sleep separately.

Will my child wear a seatbelt on trips?
Seatbelts are required to be worn on all trips.

What if my child gets sick or hurt on a trip?
We will use the medical form we have and contact parents and, if needed, call 911.



How do I volunteer for an event?
To volunteer for an event, contact the person in charge of the event or email Rosalyn Miller.

Are background checks done for volunteers?
All volunteers go through a background check prior to any event/activity. Please contact Rosalyn Miller for more information on how to volunteer.



What is an intern and what do they do?
An intern is a college aged student who spends time with our children and students during the summer. This is done by attending and planning events, teaching classes and getting to know our students.

How does someone become an intern for TRFM?
To be an intern, you must be a college aged person, committed to Christ. If you are interested in becoming an intern, please contact Matt Mead.

How many interns do you have and how are they selected?
TRFM has 6 Summer interns (2 children’s ministry and 4 youth ministry interns).
The 2 children’s ministry interns are chosen by personal references given and are usually members of the church of Christ on McDermott Road.
The 4 youth ministry interns are chosen from colleges and universities.

All interns are under the guidance of TRFM team.



How do I contact a minister?
Please go to the team page to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

How do I sponsor a student?
To sponsor any student, please contact Rosalyn Miller. If you would like to sponsor a specific student, please indicate which student. Thank you for your willingness to give and serve!

What if I don’t want my child’s picture taken or posted?
If you do not want you child or student’s picture taken and/or posted, please let us know before they attend or participate in any event/activity. Thanks.

If your question is not on this list, please email Kyle Beard at

If you are having any issues that require a counselor, please contact Dave Stevens, Minister of Counseling and Family Support at the church of Christ on McDermott Road. You can email him at

Questions about the McDermott Road Preschool, please click here.