The Road Family Ministry
a ministry of the church of Christ on McDermott Road

Parenting RoadMap


The Road Family Ministry is dedicated to providing parents with resources and teaching through our Parenting RoadMap program. Our goal is to equip parents for each Mile Marker on the road to spiritual development.



Mile Marker 1 - Birth/Toddler

To encourage parents to provide their children with a foundation for faith. The sessions are designed to implore parents to be intentional about faith formation, and to prioritize the souls of their children above all other competing priorities.

Mile Marker 2 - Preparing Your Student for School

To provide parents with practical advice and tools for their child’s academic success, and to provide parents with a vision for faith formation in elementary school.

Mile Marker 3 - Building Responsibility

To encourage parents to begin instilling responsibility in their children. The purpose of these sessions is encourage parents to begin training their children in Christian values. (Rewards/Consequences/Honesty)

Mile Marker 4 - Growing in Love for God

To empower parents to seek God with all of their hearts. The purpose of these sessions is to remind parents of the power of their example in the spiritual development of their children, as well as, to encourage at home family devotions.

Mile Marker 5 - Leading a Child to Christ

To encourage parents to prepare for having conversations with your children about baptism and salvation. To provide resources and tools that will help parents lead their child to Christ.

Mile Marker 6 - Preparing for Middle School

To help parents prepare for adolescence. To provide parents with quality resources pertaining to the specific challenges facing Middle Schooler’s today.

Mile Marker 7 - Purity for Life

To help parents set biblical standards for purity. The goal of these sessions is to discuss healthy dating relationships and to encourage parents to be active in their children’s relational lives.

Mile Marker 8 - Preparing for High School

To assist parents in their preparation for High School. To provide parents with sound advice for faith formation when facing all of the competing priorities of High School life.

Mile Marker 9 - Gaining Independence

To help parents create healthy relationships with their children as they grow into adulthood. The focus of these sessions will be on developing supportive boundaries.

Mile Marker 10 - High School Graduation (Preparing for College/Career)

To assist parents in their preparation for the next chapter in their children’s lives. To discuss the role of a parent in faith formation once their child has left the home.